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Global Brands; Global Recruitment

Operating in 60 countries over five continents, while managing 25 award-winning brands from 35 offices worldwide, The Travel Corporation required a recruitment solution that works on a global scale and offers flexible and customised branding options. Read on to see how StaffCV provided this.


The Travel Corporation has been in business for over 90 years. Their various brands provide services ranging from independent travel and river cruising to boutique hotels and transport services all over the globe; and their career opportunities are just as diverse! Family-owned and highly successful, The Travel Corporation claim their 4000 strong team to be their greatest asset. Each year their team serve over 1 million customers all over the world. To best recruit such high volumes of people from around the globe, The Travel Corporation need a solution that can be accessed from almost anywhere.


The Problem

Prior to using StaffCV, The Travel Corporation were without a global recruitment solution. Contact details for HR managers were listed on The Travel Corporation’s main website for jobseekers to contact regarding opportunities. Available job listings, however, were found on each brand’s website under a “careers” page which was often hard to find.


HR managers were receiving hundreds of very broad and unspecific emails from jobseekers and often found themselves unsure of the job or brand a jobseeker wanted to work for.


On top of this, they had to sort through hundreds of spam emails. When an email address is published on a website, as theirs were, the email address becomes much more susceptible to receiving spam emails.


Less than ideal, this made it very hard to deal with applicants!


We Want What They Have

The Australian branch had been using StaffCV since 2005. Seeing the benefits that Australia was receiving from the StaffCV platform, Vianna Zanuldin (from the Canadian branch) contacted us about a global pricing plan. What they needed was one global solution: a system that all regions (Australia, Canada, USA and UK) could use and customise to meet each of their individual needs.


In late 2010, Canada started using StaffCV. Soon after, in early 2011, the USA team joined us, followed by UK a few months later.


A Global Solution

StaffCV provided The Travel Corporation with the global recruitment solution they were looking for. Zanuldin says, “It has given us more of a global presence in terms of recruiting.”


The online application process has made their recruitment process much faster and easier to deal with – and it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection!


With a dedicated place for current job vacancies there is no longer any need to publish HR contact information on the website. HR managers no longer find themselves sorting through hundreds of unspecific job application emails and spam messages. “We now have a tool that… cuts down on the emails and phone calls that each of us [used to] get!”


A Global Presence

Each region (Australia, Canada, USA, and UK) operates from their own StaffCV platform, with their own StaffCV careers website. This means that they are able to provide links on the main Travel Corporation website out to each careers website where job seekers can find out more about jobs within their region.


The global presence that the online solution provides also means that the team can easily direct internal and external applicants to postings in other countries should they not have any relevant jobs available within their own region.


Making it work

Customisation with StaffCV is easy. As each region operates from their own platform, they are able to customise their application forms, advertisements, and websites to meet their individual branding and recruitment needs.“StaffCV allows us to customise our pages via region and the brands that each region oversees.”


Each region within The Travel Corporation manages a different set of brands. Therefore, having the ability to customise which brands are displayed on each region’s careers website is very important.


The Travel Corporation have simplified the application process by sorting their current vacancies in each region by brand. This makes the application process easy for jobseekers as they can easily see which jobs are available with their favoured brand.


Differing slightly from the rest, the Australian office has chosen to also display the job location, giving their job seekers a little more information about the job without having to click on the job title to read more.


The search function is just as easily customised to meet different client needs. The Travel Corporation Australia and USA allow jobseekers to search jobs by location whereas Canada and UK have chosen to allow jobseekers to search by brand instead.“The [StaffCV] team have been very responsive to making the changes that we need.”


Consistent Global Branding

Ensuring branding is consistent in all areas of business is extremely important to any organisation. Each of The Travel Corporation’s careers websites look visually the same and are consistent with their main website (www.thetravelcorporation.com). Shifting between career websites for each branch, “you can easily recognise that we are the same company.”


For The Travel Corporation, the high level of website customisation that has allowed this to happen is very important: “We are investing quite a bit into our branding and want to ensure that it is consistent in all areas,” says Zanuldin


Ticking all the boxes

An online application process, wide range of customisation opportunities, and a place to list current job opportunities per region; for The Travel Corporation, StaffCV ticks all the boxes.


“It allows us to keep that branding and culture consistent globally.”

– The Travel Corporation

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