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StaffCV Passport


The StaffCV Passport is a secure online CV / resume that job seekers can transport between StaffCV-powered careers websites and update at any time.

The StaffCV Passport is a feature that saves time for job seekers in applying to multiple companies, and ensures that employers always have the most current information available for job seekers who have entered themselves in their database.

StaffCV Passport

Saves job seekers time, by automatically populating their information when they would like to re-use it.


Makes it easy for job seekers to keep companies they have applied to up-to-date with their latest contact details.


Ensures that companies always have fresh, up-to-date information for their candidates.


Ensures that companies provide for the simplest experience possible when job seekers apply.


  • Job seekers visit a StaffCV-powered website and join as a new user with their email address and password
  • Certain, generic fields within the StaffCV-powered website will be “StaffCV Passport” fields. These include, but are not limited to: First name, Last name, Preferred name, Street address, City, State, Country, Day Phone, Night Phone, Mobile Phone and uploaded CV
  • If a job seeker wishes to apply to a subsequent company that has a StaffCV-powered website, then they can easily join using their email address and password
  • The StaffCV Passport system recognises their email address, and prompts them with the following message: “This recruitment website is powered by StaffCV. Your key resume information will automatically be completed.”
  • Job seekers can then elect to join that particular company using their existing information (or, if they prefer to start again, they can join with a different email address)